Who are businesses really responsible to? Their customers? Shareholders? Employees? We would argue that it’s none of the above. Without a healthy environment there are no shareholders, no employees, no customers and no business.
— Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia

Environmental Revolution

We believe that supporting businesses to take the necessary steps to become more sustainable could spark a revolution. One that could change our future for the better.

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We want your business to lead change and inspire others


For companies and students.

Clean Consulting aims to empower companies to understand and act on their connections with the natural world. By making them aware of their corporate social responsibility and the growing presence of sustainability in the professional sphere, companies will be able to mitigate risk, improve their brand value, reduce cost by adopting more resource-efficient technologies, lead change and inspire others.

In addition, Clean Consulting believes in personal development of its members and will offer throughout the year several opportunities for members to gain professional skills. Those opportunities can range from workshops lead by the Executive members to certifications offered through grants.