The Zero Waste Campus Project


Zero Waste Campus performed two waste audits on the institute of Pure and Applied mathematics in the fall. Through this process the team was able to identify some problems in the building; overflow of compost goods during workshop days and purchased tea bags that are non-compostable. In response to these issues the team came up with suggestions such as the removal of small bins, improved information graphics for visitors and adjusting bin distribution according to events. Furthermore, the Zero Waste Campus team is working together with facilities management on bin distributions for various campus buildings.

In Winter 2019, the Zero Waste Campus team secured Powell library as their primary client and has for goal to create a case study for Zero Waste libraries strategising. Their assessment of Powell’s waste through a large waste audit conducted earlier this quarter revealed that making Powell Zero Waste will be challenging; more than 10% of its waste stream is non-recyclable and non-compostable. Nevertheless, they have have suggested the implementation of compost and recycling bins and determined ideal placements, as well as education staff and students within Powell on how to properly divert waste.


Meet the Team

The Zero Waste team is lead by Ryan Haug and includes Anna Philipp, Carly York, Gabi Matarazzo and Kristen Soares.