2020 Goal is approaching

The time is ticking and it seems like there is a lot of work to do. Clean Consulting is helping UCLA to implement zero waste strategies and be a leading example to other universities.

How much energy do we use?

The Saxon Suite is a certified platinum LEED housing complex but there seems that there is still room for improvement. Clean Consulting is helping to minimize its energy consumption by looking at data analysis and putting our heads to think and coming up with a game plan.



A big puzzle worth tackling

Clean Consulting is providing help for events to become zero waste. The challenge is not easy, there a lot of moving parts, from catering to venue to high population density in a single space. So, how to make events zero waste?

An unnecessary cost

Did you know that once water is used to cook food, there is a certain amount of grease that mixes with water and it costs thousands of dollars for the restaurants to send that water to treatment facilities. Clean Consulting is helping to implement water management strategies and eradicate the need for a grease pit in the first place.



How many times to you take your trash out?

Clean Consulting is helping UCLA Residential Life to decrease waste in dormitories in effective and smart ways.

Have you ever stopped to consider how much trash we produce on our day to day lives? How can we minimize that for your convenience?

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