2020 Goal is approaching

Clean Consulting is helping UCLA implement zero waste strategies around campus and be a leading example for other universities. The Zero Waste Campus team holds many waste audits to analyse the waste stream of buildings and help UCLA get closer to its 2020 Zero Waste goal.

How much energy do we use?

The Saxon Suite is a certified platinum LEED housing complex and has recently been equipped with live energy meters. Clean Consulting’s Energy teams is working with developers to help minimize students’ energy consumption by taking live data and translating it into an interface that individuals can use to see how much energy they consume.



A big puzzle worth tackling

Clean Consulting’s Zero Waste Events team is assisting venues and vendors in diverting their waste from landfills. Through waste audits, students in the Zero Waste Event team analyse data to make recommendations catered to their clients. In fact, each event is unique in its location and/or size and presents new challenges, but Clean Consulting members are up to the task.

An unnecessary cost

New California legislations have lowered the maximum grease content of grease pits to 25%. Over the past few years, UCLA has been incurring high fees due to failure to comply with those legislations. Clean Consulting’s Grease Pit team has been helping facilities management and the dining halls in implementing best sustainable practices to reduce the amount of grease being trapped in the pits and testing the potential of FOG blocks (grease eating bacterias).



How many times to you take your trash out?

Clean Consulting is helping UCLA Residential Life decrease waste in dormitories in effective and smart ways. One the one hand, the Zero Waste Droms team is conducting audits to suggest new potential trash chute systems in order to maximize waste diversion. On the other one hand, the team is also working on raising student awareness about waste and which bins it belongs to through educational materials.

What are the environmental impacts of the fashion industry?


The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries especially due to the social and environmental repercussions of fast fashion. Our newest project includes consulting a fashion brand based in Seal Beach in order to minimize their environmental impact. By developing environmental strategies tailored to Cleobella and assisting in a “green” marketing campaign, the Clean Consulting is helping raise standards in the fashion industry.