Vitor Takasu

Vitor was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and has been interested in the economics of climate change since working with the sustainability sector of Itaú Unibanco, one of the few South American banks listed in the DOW Jones Index. He studies Environmental Sciences at UCLA and has a passion for outdoor sports, such as surfing, climbing and biking. Vitor is one of the Founders of Clean Consulting and his expertise in waste management has earned him the place of Co-President. He consults on all three of our Zero Waste projects and is always brainstorming ideas on how to grow our community.

Emma Burckert

Emma Burckert is the Vice President of Human Resources for Clean Consulting. She is a senior Environmental Science major with a minor in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. She loves studying sustainability because it is applicable to everyone in all aspects of life. Clean Consulting has increased her passion even more as we bring sustainability to people who may not have thought of incorporating it into their business model or don't know where to start. After graduating, she plans on working as an environmental consultant to continue making businesses and the world a more sustainable place.

Leilani Dulgerov

Leilani is a 3rd year Mathematics/Atmospheric Oceanic Sciences. She joined clean consulting fall quarter and love that it has enabled her to find a way to explore her passion for the climate and the environment in new ways. She is the Project Manager for the Grease Pits Project, which tries to minimize the amounts of Fats and Grease (FOGs) that reaches the grease interceptors in the dining halls on UCLA Campus. She hopes to one day work in a field that prioritizes the protection of the Earth, ideally one that addresses the weight of the clothing industry on the planet.


Ryan Haug

Ryan is the Project Manager for the Zero Waste Campus Project. Their objective as the Zero Waste Campus team is to help the UCLA campus reach its goal of "Zero Waste by 2020.” He is a first-year student here at UCLA double majoring in Economics and Geography/Environmental Studies. As a California native, He considers himself lucky enough to experience the natural beauty California has to offer and have gained a sense of responsibility for its future preservation. After graduating from UCLA, he hopes to get his Master’s in Business Administration before pursuing a career in environmental consulting. He hopes to use my unique education and experience with Clean Consulting to enable businesses to realize that profitability and responsibility do not have to be trade-offs. Through sustainable practices, businesses can be a driving force in the fight against climate change.

Salomé Vergne

Raised in Geneva, Switzerland, Salomé has a passion for the environment and animals. As an economics major, she aspires to use her knowledge in econometrics and statistics to assess environmental problems around the globe, and find the policies and strategies that can be implemented on both small and large scales to solve them. As Founder and Co-President of Clean Consulting, Salomé oversees the operations of our very first off-campus project and assists with marketing materials and events.

Cole Norton

Cole Norton is Clean Consulting’s Vice President of Finances and oversees expenses, donors relations and grand submissions. He has tirelessly devoted his life to the betterment of his community in Detroit; Cole served under Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan on his Development Team where he worked to effectively coordinate charitable, real estate, and business investment across all of Detroit. Mr. Norton also worked for the powerhouse real estate development company, Bedrock Detroit where he lead the charge to transform the company’s 5.6 billion dollar portfolio into a model for sustainable development worldwide. He is also the founder and “Farmer-in-Chief” at a non-profit urban farm on Detroit’s West Side that is working to develop almost two acres to create a cohesive, inclusive, and thriving neighborhood centered around urban agriculture. Mr. Norton also serves as Treasurer of the Surfrider Foundation at UCLA.

Zoe Yang

Zoe is the Project Manager for Cleobella, a clothing brand based in Seal Beach, California. She is a fourth year student majoring in Economics and Geography/Environmental Studies. Zoe discovered her passion for sustainability after taking Oceanography and participating in UCLA's "Zero Waste by 2020" movement. Ever since she decided to become an environmentalist, Zoe has been learning about environmental issues, policies and proposed instruments for solutions through both extracurricular activities and research opportunities. After graduation, she will be pursuing graduate degrees in either Environmental Management or Economics with an intended concentration on energy. The transition towards a cleaner, sustainable energy is inexorable, and she wants to become an agent of change in this process. Eventually, she would like to apply her skills and knowledge to work with developing nations in the global south on energy or infrastructure related issues.

Athena Hellmann

As the Project Manager of the Saxon and Hitch Energy Project, Athena is excited to be working with her team and collaborating with other groups on UCLA to provide strategic insight through data analytics from energy consumption patterns in the dorms in order to create a platform for students to track their own energy use. They plan to launch an educational campaign to educate students and encourage a reduction in energy usage on the Hill. This project is an incredible opportunity for them to work with UCLA to bring about change and raise awareness about sustainable energy use. She is currently pursuing a Communications degree and hopes to one day go into the field of corporate social responsibility where she can continue contributing to a more sustainable future.

Caro Scalercio

Born and raised in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Caro has always been in direct contact with nature, loves practicing sports from snowboarding, surfing to playing beach volleyball and running on the weekends. She is an Economics Major in her Sophomore year at UCLA and is passionate about helping businesses to be more sustainable. Caro is the last (but not least) of our Founding trio, and serves as Vice-President of Marketing.


Kathy Woo

Kathy is the Vice President of Operations for Clean Consulting. She is a second year student majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Having grown up camping and enjoying the outdoors with her family, Kathy developed a great passion for the environment at a young age. She hopes that her sustainability efforts will inspire others and leave a better world for those who come after us so that they may enjoy the same natural wonders that she did as a kid. Kathy plans to use this passion to implement sustainability wherever she goes. At Clean Consulting, Kathy works with the project managers of the Grease Pit, Zero Waste Events and Energy projects to assure everything runs smoothly and that deadlines are meet. After college, Kathy hopes to gain enough experience in the civil and environmental engineering field to eventually open her own firm dedicated to sustainable infrastructure.

Anh-Vy Pham

Anh-Vy Pham is the Project Manager for the Zero Waste Dorm project and is currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Science at UCLA. Her love for the environment stems from beach clean ups done in her small coastal hometown. After exposure the earth’s various environments, Anh-Vy wants to preserve it for generations to come. Besides travel, she is also interested in the visual arts. Anh-Vy’s love for art is something she wishes to incorporate into her future career aspirations as she hopes to pursue sustainable architecture and/or sustainable business consulting (of course!). Being a part of the Clean Consulting team is an experience she is grateful for as it has opened her eyes to a career path that she never thought of pursuing before. To work towards zero waste on the Hill alongside people with the same passions for sustainability is what makes her job as project manager even better.

Ana Lima

Ana is the Project Manager for the Zero Waste Events team. She is a Sophomore at UCLA majoring in Economics and Communications and aspires to enter the fields of either consulting or investment banking. From working with environmentally focused organizations such as Reforestemos Patagonia and Surfrider she had a natural passion towards making an impact within Clean Consulting and her community. Her project’s main purpose is to make the events for different organizations on the UCLA campus zero waste, and in tandem environmentally conscious of the sustainable options available to them. Ana’s team has worked closely with organizations like Hillel and PAC to accomplish these zero waste goals. The team is inspired by seeing a project come to life and being able to achieve tangible impacts. Through in-depth market research, audit reports and cost-analysis reports, this team has brought about important changes within the UCLA community. Ana wants to emphasize the importance of a strong team and how she is immensely grateful for hers.