The Cleobella Project


 This Winter, Clean Consulting was proud to take on its very first off campus project. Since January, some of our members have been collaborating with Cleobella to develop sustainable internal documents (such as an Environmental Purchase Policy) as well as assisting them in putting forward their social and environmental values.

Indeed, Cleobella is very committed to reducing its carbon emission all the while maximizing their social impact where their clothes are manufactured; Bali and India. On top of suggesting internat sustainable strategies, Clean Consulting has been assisting Cleobella in remodeling their website to highlight their commitment to the environment and their sustainable supply chain.

The Clean Consulting team has meet with Cleobella executives and toured the office and warehouse. Based on those meetings, we believe that our collaboration will not only help Cleobella reduce costs by saving energy and materials, it will also help them expand their market to a greener pool of consumers.

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Meet the Team

The Cleobella team is directed by Zoe Yang, and is comprised of Salomé Vergne, Delaire Fattah, Fiona Zhang, Hannah Sullivan and Dhruv Chakraborty.