The Grease Pit Project


The objective of the Grease Pit project seeks to decrease the amounts of Fats and Grease (FOGs) that reach the grease interceptors in the dining halls. The Clean Consulting team has been working with the dining hall staff not only to establish new best practices but also to find a technological solutions in order to minimize grease interceptions that. New legislations, aimed at improving the quality of public water supplies, have reduced the maximum capacity of grease interceptors to 25%, and due to failure to comply, UCLA has paid significant amounts of money in fees.

With great work Clean Consulting has managed to use bruin plate as its pilot research dining hall. We hope that our suggestions can become a case study in reducing FOGs in grease interceptors and eventually be scaled to other dining halls around campus. The team have started to implement changes in practices and are doing research on FOG blocks to see if their effectiveness can decrease financial costs endured by UCLA.


Meet the Team

The team is headed by Leilani Dulgerov and includes with Maya Partha, Kendall Kaufman, Schuler Small and Hailey Millet.