The Energy Project


UCLA dorms houses over 10,000 students every year. With that said, there is no doubt that energy consumption in the dorms is large. After installing meters in one of UCLA's most cutting edge LEED certified accommodation: Saxon and Hitch, Clean Consulting has been working tirelessly to create an interface with live energy consumption data. Essentially, this project aims to lucratively share that information with residents to create awareness and spark a reduction in energy consumption.

Clean Consulting’s goals are to analyze the data collected from the energy meters on Hitch and Saxon, so that we can display the energy usage on an interactive interface. This would allow us to see if making individuals aware of their energy usage would motivate them to decrease their energy consumption. At the moment, our team is working hard to manipulate the scale of the data so that we can work with it to make it understandable for students on the Hill. We have also hired a new programmer and collaborated with a UCLA data analysis club, DataRes, to build this interface from scratch. Alongside these goals we are also putting together a meter study, which will cover how our energy meters work and how they compare to other alternatives and other university programs. On top of these objectives, the energy team is working on a historical analysis, to provide an indication of how the energy usage of Hitch and Saxon has changed of time and help us identify which buildings are ideal candidates for our long-term goal of expanding the energy meters to the rest of the Hill. We are the first people to use this collected energy data, allowing us to not only save UCLA energy costs, but also effectively target energy reduction initiatives on campus. We are genuinely excited to see where this project leads us and to take advantage of the immense potential that lies within energy metering.


Meet the Team

The Team is led by Athena Hellman and counts with Connor Bercik, Ellie Graessle, Calvin Lyn and Arjun Ohri.