The Zero Waste Dorms Project


The Zero Waste Dorms team is trying to tackle on of the biggest puzzles at UCLA. With over 10,000 students living in dorms there is no doubt that a lot of waste is not only mismanaged but not recycled and thrown into landfills. With creativity and education the team hopes to change how students see their trash and make them more responsible.

Through close contact with the Housing Management on the Hill, the team has so far completed four waste audits (in Hedrick Hall and Hedrick Summit). After each early morning conducting these audits, we never fail to see that about 70% of the trash that it going into the landfill is completely compostable! Unfortunately, it is clear that students who live in the UCLA dorms are uneducated in proper waste disposal. However, that is where we hope to make a difference! Soon, we will be getting in contact with the Resident Director of Hedrick to hopefully start a plan for proper education in terms of waste sorting whilst also gathering the numbers to create a financial analysis report. Hedrick’s trash landfill chutes will soon be changed into compost chutes only later in the year, therefore our task is important so the right trash ends up in the right streams. Lots of change is coming for the Hill and we’re glad to be a part of that change and see what is to come.


Meet the Team

Anh-Vy spearheads the team and counts with the help of João Guimarães, Hannah Conelly, Kevin El Sayed , Sahej Verma and Nicole Cano.