Waste Awareness Week


To expose, discuss and empower

Waste Awareness week is a week-long sustainability event that specifically tackles the impact of waste mismanagements on the environment. Clean Consulting teamed up with the Renewable Energy Association at UCLA and several other sustainability, environmental justice, food insecurity and artistic organizations to create a number of events that would:

  • Expose students to the gravity and scale of the global waste crisis

  • Discuss the various social, economic, infrastructural and environmental causes and consequences of the crisis

  • Empowers students to make informed decisions and lifestyle changes that can mitigate this crisis.

Waste Awareness Week.jpg

To educate

Clean consulting conducted a workshop in sustainable packaging in the hopes of educating and encouraging students to look for alternative packaging all around the world. Brands that we showcased are making strides in the packaging world and include Zero Waste Beauty Australia, Eco enclose, Axiology Beauty, S Packaging, Green Cell Foam.