Albatross Screening

In a tiny atoll in the center of the vast North Pacific Ocean a stunning environmental tragedy takes place. The movie brings to light the thousands of birds leaving with their stomach filled with plastic. What does this reflect back on us?

As part as an effort to raise awareness about the ecological impact of plastic pollution, Clean Consulting and the Renewable Energy Association held an Albatross Screening on the 17th of January 2019.


Albatross is a Public Art Work

Albatross tells the story of how our actions have ripple effects far beyond our grasp and that is up to us to make a change. The tons of plastics’ found inside beautiful creatures is simply devastating. With the principle of sharing this story and raising awareness, Albatross is offered as a free public art work. The collective-consciousness raising experience culminated in the screening of Albatross in the United Nations as part of the official World Oceans Day.


Do Your Part.

Clean Consulting screened this movie for a plethora of students hoping to raise awareness about our plastic ocean and those most affected by it. We hope if you have a chance you can do it too.